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In Other News – June 15, 2011

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Being back from E3 has allowed me to catch up on some much needed trophy hunting and one of the games I am about to pop the platinum on is Fight Night Champion. But besides the easy trophies, the other awesome thing about the game was the lead female character Meagan McQueen. Playing a medium between the two sides I always wondered whose voice was behind the pixels, and now I know.

Presenting the mighty fine Eliza Dushku, who incidentally was also in True Lies, Bring It On and the award winning Wrong Turn… okay, so she hasn’t had the most glamorous career but she can certainly turn a head or two.

In Other News: Nick asked me to mention a very interesting post from Cracked.com in today’s ION. It is titled The 6 Most Ominous Trends in Video Games and I highly recommended checking it out, hitting the comments and giving us your feedback.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were all too busy taking bets on whose family would star in the next Nintendo TV ad.


Gears of War 3 demo on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon doesn’t go as planned
Sony Employee Pokes Fun at Microsoft/Kinect
LA Noire sales “below our estimate”
Black Ops Map Pack 3 Leaked
MS: Core gamers never hated Kinect
EA: “We Lost Some Fans With Dragon Age 2″


StarHawk: This Could Be The Next Halo
Forza Motorsports 4 Demonstrates Revolutionary Use of Kinect
Video Games aren’t what they used to be anymore
Critics Trash Duke Nukem Forever
E3 2011: 17 reasons Skyrim will rule 2011
No Need to Worry About the Wii U Specs


IGN Rewind Theater: Uncharted 3 – E3 Trailer
All Access Pass to Sony’s E3 2011 Press Conference
New Trailer of X-Men Destiny
Mario VS Sonic – Death Battle
Launch Trailer of Dungeon Siege III
Transformers Dark of the Moon – Launch Trailer

Header: Eliza Dushku

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