In Other News – March 1, 2011

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Today we celebrated the birthday of our resident naughty-word-sayer Geoff and again we say to him, Happy Birthday!

I’m sorry I put up a picture of me shooting you in the face on the video review that went up earlier, although to be fair you were still wearing that SWEET tiara, so you still looked mad-sexy.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were trying to fathom what Geoff would imagine his perfect birthday cake to look like, and how we would have to eat it before he had his way with it.


Paradox Interactive adds sixth title to its GDC’11 lineup
PS3 Dynamic Themes Are Going 3D
Dead Space 2: Severed – New Screenshots
All new Batman: Arkham City Character Models
Darkness 2 screenshots
Dead Island now Deep Silver’s ‘most important title’
Dead Space 2: Future DLC will depend on “people’s appetite”
500 Kills In Black Ops Gets Player Banned
PlayStation Store Preview – March 1, 2011


Killzone Concept Art Gallery
Bayonetta vs Ryu vs Nero vs Dante vs Kratos: Who is the ultimate badass?
Top 5 Pistols in Gaming
25 Needed Features for Killzone 3
MAG is dead


How to get a job in games development – Peter Molyneux

Header: Rosario Dawson

Last Updated: March 1, 2011

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