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In Other News – May 11, 2011

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Today was a slow news day for the most part, but we actually have a bunch of really great links to some other really awesome crap.

To get started, the new short story for L.A Noire is available here, the story behind the header image (mmm booobs) is pretty odd, we also have a video of what it would be like if Super Mario had the gun from Portal and a crazy infographic about the ‘seriously’ achievements in the Gears of War games so don’t miss out on today’s links.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were trying to convince people in the street to tattoo that sex toy barcode onto their bodies.


24 HOUR free DLC of The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout
Soul Calibur 5 combat is “lighter, sharper and more elegant”
Battle Chess checking in to PC, iOS – get pawned this summer
Valve engineers made the move to PlayStation 3
Gamers Want Uncharted on Xbox 360 and an End to Exclusives
Hackers’ website comes under attack
Modern Warfare 3 to Feature Bigger Story, More Destruction This Fall


Gizmodo Vs Kotaku: Why Isn’t Microsoft Beating Sony With Its Own Failure?
Top 10 Wii 2 (Project Café) Games We’re Dying For
Infographic: The ‘Seriously’ Gears of War achievements put into perspective
Videogame Reviews – when did 70% become average?


Mortal Kombat Hadocon II Tournament – Bayomar vs. Michaelangelo
Super Mario gets a portal gun

Header: Soul Calibur breast regulations defined

Last Updated: May 11, 2011

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