In Other News – May 17, 2010

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Apparently some teams played sports this weekend, and and I have confirmation that 100% of the games ended in a win for one team or the other, or both. That concludes your Lazygamer sports update.

Here’s gaming related stuff:


Capcom warns MS and Sony over motion controllers
Cancelled Call of Duty revealed
Cliffy B: ‘Masturbating’ Gears 2 segments are a regret
Tekken Movie release date revealed
Analyst: GTA 5 will make appearance at E3


1UP – Bulletstorm is Kickin’
Epic Games – Video Response to 1UP
If Starcraft 2 was made in 1984 – Video


New Gran Turismo 5 Nurburgring screenshots


Naughty Bear Trailer – Jaws the 13th
Penny Arcade – The series – Season 1, Episode 12
Prince of Persia – Wonders of water gameplay
Backbreaker – Passing tutorial  

Last Updated: May 17, 2010

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