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In Other News – May 23, 2011

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Who suddenly really loves mirrors? I know I do, If only more photographers took shots like the one in our ION header today, we would get more of these ‘hot from the front + sexy view of ass from behind’ photos.

Now that’s the sort of combo I do not mind being hit by. Damn straight. We got some awesome links after the jump including an evolution of graphics, a big upcoming game has been leaked and you should apparently sell your PS3 because its end is nigh.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were all calling Dial-A-Mirror to place urgent orders.


Neocrisis: Hellgate Closed Beta Test Keys Now Available
XBOX CHART: LA Noire, Brink sell majority on 360
Full stereoscopic 3D hitting Xbox 360
Schoolboy Hacker Now Working With Microsoft
Codemasters: DiRT 3 “more complete” than before, but some features dropped
inFamous 2 Gets Leaked
Modern Warfare 3 Engine Adds ‘A Lot Of Cool Stuff’


5 of the worst rated PS2 games that f*cking rocked
Evolution of Graphics in Video Games- 1991-2011
PS3 Price Drop is Inevitable. Now is Your Chance to Sell
A lot of Brand New Diablo 3 Screenshots
Dirt 3: PS3 vs Xbox 360 – HD Screenshot comparison


FEAR 3 “Soul King” multiplayer video
Dead Island Video Game, To Kill Time gameplay walkthrough

Header: Alissa Scarfer

Last Updated: May 23, 2011

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