In Other News – May 9th, 2011

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As far as Monday’s go, this one wasn’t half bad. The weekend left us feeling all nostalgic, and today saw (for the first time in a while (okay, it was only a week)) the entire Lazygamer gang back together again. Hooah!

Geoff had a great time getting back to his racing roots around the track, set some impressive lap times and came back with an awesome preview of the upcoming racer from Ubisoft, Driver: San Francisco. Gavin on the other hand came back with sand and a hangover. Jealous much?

Here’s the news Nick and I didn’t post to give Geoff and Gavin some alone time with the site.


Juicy New Mass Effect 3 Details + One Massive Spoiler
Command & Conquer Arena cancelled before it was announced
Alan Wake 2: First hint of development
Google Chrome Not Coming to The PS3
Report: Dead Rising was originally rejected by Capcom
Xbox 720 in 2012 wouldn’t be a surprise – analyst
Banned Clothes Ripping Game Tears Up Android
Osama bin Laden’s Compound Recreated in Counter Strike: Source


5 Stages of PSN Grief
Will PSN be Pushed Offline by Users When it Returns?
5 games worth looking forward to
Sony look like greedy little piggies
The 12 Worst Cutscenes in Gaming History
E3 2011 Countdown – Modern Warfare 3
The 10 Best Video Game Consoles of All Time
Turn out the lights: how to get scared playing a video game


GameFap discusses Real Girlfriend
GRTV: Infamous 2 presentation, introduction
Think with portals in in this Minecraft mod
Gamespot-inFamous 2 Gameplay Interview (PlayStation 3)
Good Game: Why do so many Superhero games fail?
Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos – Debut Trailer
Shadows of the Damned : New gameplay video
Dungeon Siege 3 Multiplayer Trailer – GamerGaia

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Last Updated: May 9, 2011

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