In Other News – November 24, 2010

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Happy Gran Turismo 5 day! Or is it?

My copy of Gran Turismo 5 will be arriving in an hour or so and I am incredibly pumped to finally start playing it. If you haven’t noticed though, there has been a lot of controversy on the web today, most notably that review scores aren’t all looking as peachy as everyone had hoped.

For now, I am going to wait and see how it feels for myself. I’m a big fan of the series and a real petrol-head, so truth-be-told, it won’t take much to make me happy. If it does turn out to be a disappointment, I will probably be more worried about the death threats that my review will attract rather than the money I spent on the game.

I see that the comments section of yesterday’s ION post has been buzzing with GT5 talk. Well bring it over this side and let us know what you think about the review scores, if you are going to buy or have already bought it and so on.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because I wasn’t sure if I was putting on a racing helmet to enhance my gaming experience, or protect me from fanboys with half bricks in a sock.

News :

First images of Sonya Blade’s new look in Mortal Kombat
Rocksteady on Robin in Batman: Arkham City
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIP Map Pack update is out
Activision will never charge for Call of Duty multiplayer
GT5 includes a surprise for your birthday


Top 13 failures of this generation
How to design SEGA’s next mascot
Photo-realistic GT5 screenshots
Gran Turismo 5: 10 ways it wins
Gran Turismo 5: 10 ways it fails
Complete Super Meat Boy cast revealed + wallpaper  


Spelunker – Deep underground trailer
Spike TV VGA awards mystery world premiere
LittleBigPlanet 2 – Controlinator trailer  

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Last Updated: November 24, 2010

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