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In Other News – October 10, 2011

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So, to celebrate the fact that I have finally started watching Battlestar Galactica, I’ve opted to track down the show’s Tricia Helfer and use her for the header image. Everyone’s been going off in my ear about the series forever so it’s time I finally watched it. I’ve only caught the first hour or so of the mini-series so far, but it’s as gripping as all hell.

In Other News: DICE think that BF3 and Rage are as good as it gets for this gen, why are people hating on Modern Warfare 3, Another HD collection coming and MS seems to have picked a date for the new firmware update.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because I was finally catching all of the Cylon jokes made over the last 7 years.


Diablo creator: MMOs ‘in a rut, mainly WoW clones’
Battlefield 3, Rage ‘As Good As It Gets This Gen’ – DICE Dev
Microsoft resumes mention next-gen Xbox
MS “targeting” 25th Nov for XBL update
Battlefield 3: Set-pieces and atmosphere
Jak and Daxter games in HD
Kojima hopes Metal Gear Solid continues after he dies
Is Brink worth its new $9.99 price tag?


5 Must-Play Horde Modes That Aren’t Gears of War
Why are so many people trashing Modern Warfare 3
How to be good at the Uncharted 3 beta; Sad truth about the game
20 things you’ll never hear a Call of Duty enemy say
Ten Games Which Had Useless Weapons
Doom 3 modded overshadows iD Software’s RAGE – New drooling screenshots


Battlefield 3: Caspian Border Gameplay Commentary
AMY: First gameplay footage
Max Payne 3 Gameplay Preview

Header: Tricia Helfer

Last Updated: October 10, 2011

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