In Other News – September 17, 2010

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Many of you out there are in preparation for a great weekend of Halo Reach multiplayer, and for good reason, because this is about the most fun I have had with a Halo game.

Many others are stretching and prepping for a hardcore weekend of Playstation Move gaming. If there is any advice I can give it’s stretch, use your wrist strap and don’t forget about that ceiling fan. PS: Table Tennis is teh_awesome.

I have no idea who the woman in the header image is, she popped up during a random Google search, and I couldn’t resist.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were jamming random objects into a courier bag with Geoff’s address on it. LOL.

Lazygamer Reviews:

Review – House M.D
Review – Metroid: Other M
Review – Resident Evil: Afterlife (film)
Review – Bioshock 2 DLC: Minerva’s Den
Review – Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X 2

Lazygamer Features and Editorials:

Flamebait Friday Debate: Should sex still sell?
GoldenEye Wii: Cash-In Or Next-Gen Love Letter?
Girl Gamers: Casual vs. Hardcore
Buying Halo Reach: South Africa’s Retail Gaming Industry Is In Trouble


Additional PS3 firmware update features
PSP 2 is real, pretty powerful and in developers hands
Second Vanquish demo announced
Realtime Worlds assumed APB would sell zillions


5 Halo Reach features you might now know about
5 things you possibly didn’t know about Mario


More impressive Killzone 3 footage
GT5 – Rain replay
GT5 Red Bull Trailer
GT5 Night Racing Gameplay

Last Updated: September 17, 2010

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