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In Other News – September 21, 2010

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What the heck is up with the weather in Gauteng today? Thanks to Sploit for pointing out that it looks like “Twilight weather” via Twitter earlier today, the man is so right. Either way it seems romantic as I arrived at my desk this morning to find my Master Chief and C.Viper figurines going at it.

So it was fun watching Twitter going into a complete panic today when a new security flaw was exploited. If Twitter was to go down, how on earth would we be able to complain about it to everyone anyways? Don’t say Facebook, no one uses that site anyways.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because I was standing outside topless in the hope that my bare naked chest would start shimmering when the weather clears up.


Rumour: Mad Max game still alive
Traditional clothing not a problem for Kinect
New COD: Black Ops viral site online
Microsoft is ‘sleeping giant’ in casual gaming says analyst
Alan Wake DLC ‘The Writer’ will be the last
RE5 and No More Heroes blokes get together for new title ‘Shadows of the Damned”
Around 266,505 people played an FPS on PC today (Yes you Kudo)
Xbox 360 dominance in Japan will come over time


Games so bad the developers should be smacked
Medal of Honor vs Black Ops comparison
Over 10 PS Move gun controller accessories
The importance of buttons in gaming


Marvel vs Capcom 3: Spiderman Trailer
Marvel vs Capcom 3: Albert Wesker trailer
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ogre Showdown gameplay

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