In Other News: Weekend Edition – 4 March, 2011

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This week on Lazygamer was packed full of features and insanity. It’s been a crazy mix of video reviews, game reviews, fun facts, interviews, event coverage, hands-on impressions and more and you can check those as well as fresh news out in the Friday round-up edition of In Other News.

We didn’t have an ION post up for you guys yesterday as we had to rush out to get to the Nintendo 3DS event at Monte Casino, so to make up for lost hotness, I present you with double the babe-age for today only.

Here’s the weekly round-up as well as the news we didn’t post because we were plotting to steal some Nintendo 3DS display units and also googling “hot twins”.

This week only on Lazygamer:

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review – Lifestyles of the rich and the famous
Mindjack Review – A Worthy Charity
Two Worlds 2 Reviewed – A mixed bag

Lazygamer Video Review – Xbox 360 Special Edition Controller

Impress your friends with these 7 facts about Bulletstorm
Exclusive Interview: we chat to Digital Extremes’ Sheldon Carter about The Darkness II
3DS games hands-on impressions
Editorial : Raining on my parade
The EvoPoints Featured Downloadable Releases Of The Week – 04/03
Nintendo 3DS Press Launch Event Photo Gallery
Home-grown indie Desktop Dungeons wins IGF award at GDC


Crysis 2 Executive Producer Provides Gameplay Tips, Talks 3D
Crysis 2 PC Multiplayer hacks already surfaced
Dragon Age II unboxing reveals Mass Effect 3 ‘Arrival’ DLC
First screen of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow “Reverie” DLC and status update
Shift 2: Unleashed’s Full Car List  
Activision says Black Ops is best-selling PS3 title ever
Battlefield 3: DICE demonstrated impressive lighting effects at GDC 2011
Peter Molyneux’s ‘FeedMe’ is a 256-player Populous pet project
Risen 2: Dark Waters screenshots


This Week In Video Game Criticism: From Journalistic Drama To Your Brain On Violence
Street Fighter: The Journeys Of A World Warrior
Lucas Ordoñez: From Gran Turismo To Le Mans Via GT Academy
Battlefield 3 Gameplay vs. The Real World: What Do The Military Experts Think?


Homefront Multiplayer Carnage Gameplay
GDC 11: Guild Wars 2: Beginnings Walkthrough
GDC 11: CryEngine 3 – Development Interview

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Last Updated: March 4, 2011

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