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In Other News – Weekend Edition – July 15, 2011

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Thanks to the fact that I possibly have the least reliable Telkom ADSL line in the whole of South Africa, I was barely able to keep in touch with what was going on in the gaming industry, never mind posting about it.

There is however a remedy for those lost souls such as mine, and it involves two parts links for the missed news, and one part incredibly hot woman, to ease the frustration of internet-less-ness.

In Other News: Our weekly round-up of all our Lazygamer features, reviews etc, Modern Warfare 3 is copying Modern Warfare 1, Diablo 3 might be adding a mechanic (not that kind!), Top 10 video game intro sequences and a truck ton more.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because… what? Yes… yes random Telkom person on phone, I’ll hold… … … do dooo ree dooooo, do doooo re doooo, do doooo dooo dooooooo doooreeerooooo.

This week on Lazygamer:

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Review – That’s me in the corner
Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2012 preview – Grab for Power
Flamebait Friday Debate: Stop Playing Games And Go Be Responsible Old Person!
The Sims Medieval review – My Kingdom for a horse!
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 review-Where’s the magic?
Call of Juarez : The Cartel preview – The new West
Editorial: Local Xbox 360 games should come with an online warning
The Evopoints.co.za downloads of the week – 15/07


Modern Warfare 3: A multiplayer promise gone too far?
New Top Spin 4 Online Patch Coming For PS3 Soon
Police: PS3 More Valuable than Picasso
New Street Fighter X Tekken Character Revealed
Is Sony or Microsoft Taking The Right Approach to Community Development?
Naughty Dog: Nothing Wii U has that PS3 and Vita don’t
MW3 Multiplayer Will Borrow Feel of COD4, De-Emphasize Verticality of MW2
Minecraft Creator Shares Xbox 360 Version Details, Comments On The PS3 One
1.5 Million Daily Users on Netflix Wii
PS4, Xbox 720 will be ‘service orientated’, more accessible – THQ
Next Rainbow Six Game ‘Nothing Like Ghost Recon’ – Ubisoft
Diablo 3 Might Add Respeccing Mechanic


Driver San Francisco PS3 version – Exclusive HD video and many screenshots
GTA IV: iCEnhancer 1.25 – Beautiful new trailer and 7 stunning screenshots
Dark Souls: You Must Play Demon’s Souls First
How far should developers go to make great games?
11-year-old sends Codemasters some DiRT 2 fan art, gets DiRT 3 in return
How to create, upload and download a PS3 Theme


Top 10 Video Game Intros
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 in 6 gameplay videos
Call of Duty: Elite Demo (Xbox 360)
Beard Engine promo
Driver: San Francisco — single-player trailer

Header: Eva Rivas

Last Updated: July 15, 2011

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