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In Other News – Weekend Edition – June 10, 2011

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What a week it’s been. E3 is done, our boys in Los Angeles are heading back home later this evening and not only have we had a ton of news and coverage of the show for you all to read, but we will have even more once our guys get back.

Today’s header image of Jenna Lithgow has been provided by LWmag, and you can read their interview with her right here.

In Other News: Why is there a dinosaur in Battlefield 3? Master Chief makes an appearance in Duke Nukem, We have an awesome Duke Nukem comp underway, Anonymous members get arrested, The PSN outage apparently made Uncharted 3 better and a ton more.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because a Duke Nukem launch party just started at Hooters and the Playboy bunnies are calling.

This Week on Lazygamer:

The Evopoints.co.za downloads of the week – 10/06
Singstar Afrikaanse Treffers Reviewed
Flamebait Friday Debate: Will Nintendo’s Wii U Spell The End For The Xbox 360 & PS3?
E3 2011 Gallery: All The Trailers and Videos You Need To See
E3 2011 Live coverage : Day One Image Wrap
E3 2011: Press Conference Coverage Hub – All The Info
Competition Time! Win 1 of 4 Duke Nukem ‘Balls Of Steel Editions’ With Exclus1ves
E3 2011 Coverage Category Link – *Information Hub post coming next week  


E3: About that dinosaur in Battlefield 3 …
PSN Outage Improved Uncharted 3
Master Chief armor in Duke Nukem: Forever
Anonymous Members Arrested in Spain Over PSN Attack, Government Hacks
Nintendo ‘No Threat To Microsoft’
Microsoft hasn’t given the next Alan Wake the greenlight yet
More Dead Island details
Starcraft MMO Game Might Be In The Development Phase
Battlefield 3 to be on Jimmy Fallon show next Thursday
Nyko says it’s solved Kinect floor space issue


Nintendo Is Back?
Ms. Splosion Man screens
New Tomb Raider screenshots
Hitman Absolution Scans
Forza 4 screenshots


2 Minutes of Hitman Absolution Gameplay
Ghost Recon Online-Wii U Debut Trailer
Payday: The Heist – Bank Walkthrough Part 1 (Cam) HD
E3: Ninja Gaiden 3 ‘looks like a game about ninjas’

Header: Jenna Carmen Lithgow

Last Updated: June 10, 2011

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