Independent Developers Receive Some Loving From Playstation

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A commitment to independent Developers? Super Giant Games, the creators of Bastion, take the stage and show off their newest game called Transistor, setting the stage for other indie gems to follow.

Clay Entertainment, the makers of Shank show off a new concept; An open ended, randomly generated adventure where death hides around each corner. Secret Ponchos is a spaghetti western, combining the best elements of various genres. Ragtag studios provide a stealth action puzzler where a zombie puts together a party to find out why he was killed. Oddworld Inhabitants? ABE IS THAT YOU? Oddworld new n tasty is coming to PS4, a remake of the original Abe adventure. These are but just a few games that were shown from the Indie scene, and they will all launch with the PS4.

I think this is a fantastic move from Sony. Including the little guy, making a push to grow hidden markets. Its genius, and don’t think I’m the only one who thinks its awesome.

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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