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Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (10 July 2014)

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In just two more days, I can have a delicious morning spent lying in bed. I think that’s the worst part about winter, waking up when it’s dark and cold, especially when bed is so very warm. Of course, there’s some smoking hot indie news that should help get us through the rest of the week.

First up, there’s a game I’ve been meaning to tell you about for a while – Lantern Forge. It’s basically Minecraft from an Isometric perspective. So, not as crazy as Don’t Starve, but way more accessible for people like me who suffer from indie-FP induced nausea. You can try it out for free over here.

Last month, I told you about Black the Fall, a really cool-looking game that was Greenlit but needed some more love. Well, it’s now live on Steam Early Access, which means you can show it love while still enjoying the parts of the game that you can. Just check out this trailer, you might need it in your life.

In fact, we have a free key to give you guys for this game – that’s right, you can get your Limbo-esque gameplay on and then rave to all your friends and family about how rad the game is. What do you need to do to grab the key? Leave a comment below saying why you think the game looks cool or interesting and I’ll use favoritism and nepotism to select a winner by the end of the day. Bribery is welcome.

Prototype of the Week

This week’s local prototype you should check out is Grave Days, a zombie survival stealthy game that sees players running around with shadows and death – it’s more about running from the horde than fighting, and you can get tired out from all the evasive action. You can play it in your browser over here.

Last Updated: July 10, 2014

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