Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (17 January 2013)

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Wow, I really must still be in holiday mode – I completely forgot about my indie wrap up yesterday! As an apology, I present you with my horrific use of photoshop, because that totally helps… right? Here’s the indie news of the week (plus one day) that you might have missed.

The guys over at Klei have made some awesome games – I loved Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja. Both were fantastic. I suppose that’s why I’m so excited for their new project, a turn-based tactical espionage game. It was originally announced as Incognita, but now it’s gotten a new name: Invisible, Inc. Check out the new Alpha Gameplay Trailer to go with the name change:

The Steam Dev Days are underway, leading to news that Greenlight might become a thing of the past. I have mixed feelings about this, I must say. Could be good or bad for indie gaming – I suppose only time will tell. Also at the dev days, every indie developer who attended got a free Steam Machine. That sounds awesome – that’s a goodie bag I’d enjoy. Obviously, it’s to help and promote development on the new box, and I’m sure it will be a big boost to some of the more hesitant developers.

Are you interesting in developing a game? Don’t forget to sign up for the Global Game Jam! Taking place in Joburg and Cape Town it’s a fantastic opportunity to make a game in just one weekend. Don’t worry if you’ve never made a game before, or if you don’t know how to program. It takes all types to make a game – you will team up with others to collaborate and make something. Sounds like fun.

Cube World seems to finally be getting an update soon. Quests are coming, and I’m intrigued by the approach:

Thanks to the procedural generation of quests I came up with a nice solution which requires only storing a small set of variables for each quest. Also generating quest texts for random quests isn’t trivial. I had to create a basic grammar system and dictionary to be able to generate texts for arbitrary combinations of creatures, objects and locations.

Currently we’re adding more quest variations to make it as non-repetitive as possible.

Want to pick up some nice indies for the weekend of gaming? There’s no doubt that Humble Indie Bundle is looking mighty tempting – I will be buying one myself. over on Games Rage, you can pick up their “truly indie games” bundle – for a little over $3 you can get six games including Project Night, Ocean City Racing, and even Go Scurry. Indiegala is also running a bundle this month, with games seven games including Millennium, Two Brothers and (if you pay more than $5) Ravensword Shadowlands.

Last Updated: January 17, 2014

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