Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (30 October 2014)

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Tomorrow is Halloween. This means that the whole month has been filled with crazy horror themed games, comic books and other awesome things. I’m particularly keen to see Horns, soon – the book was fantastic and I want to see how the movie shaped up. But there is also some horrifying indie news this month, mwahahahaha!

First up, some sad local news – Cadence is being put on hold due to financial constraints. I am so very much in love with this game – part puzzler, part musical toy, I can’t wait to play this game in its completed form. They even decided not to do a Kickstarter this year due to issues that come into play because of being based in South Africa. I am vigorously trying to hunt them down and help them figure out a way for all of us to throw money at them, because they really deserve it and the world deserves their game.

Speaking of ways to throw money at local games, O3DX has launched their IndieGoGo campaign. They’re looking for $5k in order to make their off road 3D extreme game for iOS and Android as well as PC, Mac and Oculus Rift. You can even go play the demo.

German indie developer Innogames is celebrating a major success – Tribal Wars 2 is still in beta but has already garnered over a million registered users in the six weeks since release. They are even expanding their operations, creating a new 50 person studio in Dusseldorf. Can that still even be considered an indie?

Finally, if you are an indie and hoping to make a game and get it discovered, Rami Ismail believes that confidence is key. During a speech, he explained that game makers often pride themselves on not having confidence, when really, they should be happy and ready to explain what makes their game unique and interesting.

We have already told you about some cool things happening on Humble Bundle and GoG, but I think I need to grab the Humble Weekly Bundle, too – I’ve been eyeing Sokobond for ages and In-fluent looks like a cool language learning game.

Prototype of the Week

Go check out that O3DX on IndieGoGo. You can play the demo on Windows, Mac or Oculus Rift.

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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