Infinity Ward Charging For Premium Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Experience?

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A survey found by website Destructoid a few days ago got everyone a little worried when a question was found insinuating that Infinity Ward may want to charge an additional fees for Modern Warfare 2 for those who wanted an enhanced experience.

Thankfully, there is good news. Infinity Ward posted up a message on their official forums stating that:

“This rumor has absolutely nothing to do with Infinity Ward or our games, including Modern Warfare 2. We would never introduce such a system for Modern Warfare 2 so don’t worry,”

“Multiplayer will always be equal and free for everyone.”

So, that’s a relief then right?

Would any of you pay for additional stat tracking, game modes and so on? Or does it just sound crazy to pay even more money after forking out R700 for a game?

Source: 1UP

Last Updated: June 19, 2009

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