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Input lag is “hardly relevant” says Tekken 7 boss

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Seven years. SEVEN LONG YEARS. That’s just how long it has been since Tekken last saw a proper numbered release, with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Revolution keeping the franchise alive in that period spent in the wild. Next year the franchise is finally returning, hitting PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I’ve always been a fan of Tekken, especially with it’s control scheme that usually maps each specific limb of a fight to a face button, resulting in some interesting thumb gymnastics to pull off some devastating combos.

And now might be the best time for a new Tekken game, especially with Street Fighter V feeling the heat from competitive players who have a bone to pick with the input lag on the PS4 version of Capcom’s premiere fighting game. Tekken 7 boss Katsuhiro Harada shared his thoughts on the matter as well, spinning his opinion on that problem and how it would relate to Tekken 7.

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“Since when did everyone become so knowledgeable about input lag? If everyone is so sensitive to this, of course you know exactly how many frames of input lag there were in past titles? I have a feeling many people are just prone to being swayed by popular catchwords,” Harada said to Gamespot.

I have a question for everyone. In the 90s, how many frames of input lag did Virtua Fighter have? How about Tekken?

People have never complained about input lag in Tekken before, have they? Tag 2 was highly regarded, wasn’t it? Do you think input lag frames is a certain number? Do you understand how it works? The actual mechanism is different depending on the game. If Tekken’s gameplay feels good, is there really a point in asking this question?

It’s quite frustrating to keep hearing this question, when it is hardly relevant. Don’t try to sum up the whole of a game’s mechanics with one catchphrase. Tekken 7 is the first arcade fighting game to have online play between arcades around the country. It costs roughly $1 per play. Do you really think it would be this successful and well received if everyone was complaining about input lag?

Abroad, many top players have had many chances to play TK7 and TK7FR at Wizard World, Evo, and other events. I haven’t heard any complaints about input lag from them either. Same with the hardcore players and media that played the game at E3. I think that is your answer. By the way, what is the monitor you use at home to play games? I would be more concerned about the possibility of lag on that, instead.

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I think we live in an age where we have plenty of fans who have genuinely learnt how to spot problems such as input lag in fighting games, after being raised on them all their life. I also think, we have plenty of people who know next to nothing about input lag and blame any stuff-ups on that convenient scapegoat. So yeah, maybe Harada might have a point, but it wouldn’t hurt to listen to fans either. Which is what he is apparently doing already. OH WELL!

Just like your favourite proctologist, Tekken 7 is going to assume the iron fist position next year, with Street Fighter’s Akuma guest-starring because this is most likely the closest that we’ll ever get to playing Tekken X Street Fighter.

Last Updated: July 5, 2016

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