Insane PC Mods That Will Blow Your Mind

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PC mods are a really strange concept to me. I mean, I kind of understand the idea. You mod your PC to look cool, so that people get an idea of how fast it is, like cars, right? Err, so it’s basically like the Fast and the Furious for PC’s, except without any actual adrenaline rush, or races, or Vin Diesel… or Jordana Brewster.

Ok, so maybe it isn’t like The Fast and the Furious.

What I do know is that sometimes, PC mods can get pretty lame, so it really makes me happy to see that instead of going for the “look, my PC looks like a scale model of a Rave Club”, these PC modders have opted to get creative with their machines.

From animated characters, to spaceships and kitchen appliances, the following mods are definitely all quite special in their own way.

Check out the pics, after the jump.

[ Thanks Flameboy for the tip ]

Please note that I have only posted up some of my favorites. Even more crazy PC Mods can be found by clicking on the source link at the bottom of the page.









source: UnrealityMag

Last Updated: February 3, 2009

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