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Interesting factoids about console gaming

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image I was over at el33tonline this morning and I noticed that they have a very interesting article at the moment which destroys many preconceptions about gaming.

To summarise did you know the average gameplay is actually 33 years old? or that the average game buyer is 38 years old? These are the markets you would expect to be targeted when game distributors advertise but it isn’t.

A whopping 80% of console game purchasers are over 18 years old and 24% of people over 50 still play games.

Also female gamers now make up 38% of the gaming population which is good but hopefully that will reach 50% soon enough.

These stats are skewed a bit as online Internet gaming is being taken into account but it’s interesting to see anyway. Click the link to see more explanations about the information.

EL33TONLINE – Console gaming : What you need to know. When you need to know it.

Last Updated: March 4, 2008

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