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Internet Historian’s latest video examines the amazing redemption story of No Man’s Sky

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Internet Historian's latest video examines the amazing redemption story of No Man’s Sky 2

If I had to write a list of the ten most influential games of the 2010s (AND MAYBE I WILL YOU CAN’T STOP ME), No Man’s Sky would rank pretty high on that article. It’s a game that means so many things to so many people, but to me it’s the indie darling of redemption. Make no mistake, No Man’s Sky was a game met with absolute infamy on launch day.

Features were missing, bugs were rampant and broken street date launches had left many true believers with a buyer’s remorse. The ensuing brouhaha that erupted in that first week of launch was ugly to say the least, an online furore that would have broken a lesser development team but instead strengthened Hello Games’ resolve so that they could deliver on the game that they wanted to create.

For a studio that could have easily taken the money and run off to crack out a few more Joe Danger sequels, Hello Games instead emerged from the public sentiment devastation with something that was truly special. Internet Historian’s latest video examines the rise, fall and eventual re-rise of No Man’s Sky in his usual (and hilarious) fashion. It’s a lengthy video, but it makes for some fantastic viewing and possibly even an educational example of how a video game can be saved. Unless it’s Fallout 76 that is.

I remember that heady day in 2016 when No Man’s Sky came out. Heck, even I’d fallen for the hype, buying the actual game and waiting with antici…pation for the courier to drop it off. It wasn’t the bugs and other day one woes that saw me throw that sucker up on Gumtree a week later, but rather the overwhelming boredom that I’d initially experienced.

That to me was the biggest hurdle that No Man’s Sky had to overcome, a challenge which it cleared with impressive new updates as the years went on. Is No Man’s Sky a game for everyone? Nah, I’d say it suits a specific niche of player who enjoys creativity and busywork while forging a personality online. Within that sphere though, it’s a marvel of our times and deserving of all the second chances.

There’s a story to be told when it comes to No Man’s Sky, and it’s a hell of a redemptive tale to listen to.

Last Updated: January 10, 2020

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