iPhone Gaming Gets A Raise in Japanese interest

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According to a survey done by CRI, a Japanese middleware developer says an ass-kicking 80% of Japanese game developers are growing digitally creative wood (no I don’t mean of the x-rated persuasion) for Apple devices.

In other words they are currently interested in producing a plethora of games for the iPhone and iPod touch. 18% of the survey’s participants had already developed and released numerous titles for the platform whilst another 16% are currently in developing phases.

A further 38% had shown interest but have not engaged in any creative foreplay. The main drawback for the platform is that developers are constrained to using Mac systems. On the upside though – the lucrative nature as a result of the market size and the iTunes Store which allows developers to release titles simultaneously across the world and make access for players as easy as possible .

source: http://www.mobile-ent.biz/news/33291/iPhone-high-on-Japanese-studio-agendas

Last Updated: May 20, 2009

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