Is 2008 the year of the PS3? Some disagree

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Year of the PS3?

So I thought about posting this last week in a flamebait Friday type of post but since we had the public holiday and I feel this article is so important I didn’t.

Jeff Engel and Geoff Brooks have put together an article debating whether or not 2008 will be the year of the PS3 and they delve into some very interesting points. The articles quite long so I will paraphrase the points I found interesting here and you are more than welcome to click the link at the bottom for the original story…

PS3 sales surged 4% on the back of the Blu-Ray win, Xbox 360 sales surged 11% which can be seen as proof that the format war is obviously not mainstream yet.

The inclusion of the Blu-Ray player will not help the PS3 win mass market appeal as by the time Blu-Ray is standard the stand alone players will be much cheaper.

The PS3’s 4 main titles this year really are not the best system movers. While games like MGS4 and GT5 get huge critical acclaim the sales don’t really compete with the Halo’s of this world. For example Gears of War sold more than MGS3, MGS3: Subsistence and Killzone 1 combined and this is when there were over 100 million PS2’s in circulation compared to about 13 million Xbox 360’s. GTAIV is the PS3’s most exciting system mover and it is looking to land at a cheaper price on the 360 with that extra content…

The last and most interesting point however is that in the beginning it was said that you cannot win a console war if you don’t take Japan. Now the question is being asked “Can the 360 come second based purely on US sales”?… It may just do it and if the 360 makes inroads into Europe then the PS3 really is going to be flapping.

The sales of the Wii are still astonishing all round and I just cannot see them losing this generation.

Counting Rupees: The year of the PS3 – Joystiq

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Last Updated: March 25, 2008

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