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Is Bioware making the new Command and Conquer?

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We showed you, not too long ago, a shot of Bioware’s new game – something that looks very modern combatty. Similarly, we told you that EA – the publisher that owns Bioware – was bringing Command and Conquer back.

Could they be one and the same game?

A short new video, teasing Bioware’s latest, promised a “new direction, new game, new studio.” There’s a rising tide of evidence that points to that game being Command & Conquer.

Valerie Nunez, a UI developer for Victory Games  – an EA-owned studio that ‘s confirmed to be rebooting C&C –  listed her place of work as a BioWare studio on LinkedIn. That reference has since been axed from her profile, but not before internet super sleuth Superannuation spotted it. With the VGA reveal teasing that the game’s from a new studio under the Bioware label, it’s likely that Victory Games has come under the wing of Bioware.

You might consider Bioware an RPG focused studio, but it’s cover statement over at EA has no such shackling constraints.  “The BioWare label is a division of EA which crafts high quality multi-platform role-playing, MMO and strategy games,” it says. Strategy Games. Command & Conquer.

Here’s the very short (blink and you’ll miss it!)t teaser clip, showing what looks like an APC being blown up. APC? Command & Conquer.

The Next Game From BioWare
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Last Updated: November 23, 2011

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