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Is Capcom actively trying to piss people off?

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Capcom’s not averse to selling you the same game twice (Super Street Fighter IV) – or even thrice (Super Street Fighter IV : Arcade Edition). Hell, in the old days they’ll have happily done it 6 times over, as was the case with Street Fighter II, which ended up with so many suffixes and prefixes it pretty much needed to be sold with a glossary of terms. The old days are over though, and thanks to DLC there’s really no real need to keep buying the same game, with slight changes and additions, over and over again.

Which is what’s causing Street Fighter IV : Volt on iDevices to raise ire.

Street Fighter IV was released for the iPhone in March last year, and received a steady stream of free updates that added new characters and features. It included local bluetooth multiplayer, but no online features. Well, it has online multiplayer, along with a few new characters – but guess what? It’s going to cost you – because, like SSFIV, it’s been rebranded as a new game. Thankfully it’s pretty cheap right now, going for an introductory 99c – but it’ll be going up by a dollar a day until it sits at an even $6.99. Gripes aside, 7 bucks isn’t a lot to pony up for what’s a pretty decent version of the popular fighter – especially considering the iPhone has no damned buttons – but coupled with Capcom’s recent decision to make  game that only lets you play it through once, it seems like they’re going out of their way to piss off long-time fans.

Me? I’ll be sticking to the rather excellent, fully featured 3DS version for my portable street fighting. Only I just bought Volt. What don’t you judge me like that! It’s just 99c! Yeah…I’m totally part of the problem.

Source : Joystiq

Last Updated: July 1, 2011

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