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Is EA bringing back Desert Strike?

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Dessert Strike hmm dessert

If there’s one game that consumed hours and hours of my life, it has to to be the Strike series. From taking a chopper through the deserts, through to flying a stealth fighter in Jungle Strike and protecting the president in Urban Strike. And it looks like my nostalgia sensors are picking up a reboot.

According to PlayerAttack, EA has filed two trademarks for Desert Strike. If you never played any of the Strike games, then you missed out on some damn good fun. Taking place on an isometric stage, players would pilot a chopper or other vehicle, shoot bad guys and complete various objectives.

It was rather fun.

While EA hasn’t yet made any announcements as to whether or not they’re filing trademarks to protect a property or will be resurrecting the classic games, are unknown. But it’s high time for a new game. The last Strike game available was a PS1 title, Nuclear Strike.

Last Updated: December 3, 2013

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