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Is Grand Theft Auto 5 coming in October?

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Is it?

I was at Rockstar’s office’s earlier this year and unsurprisingly the release date of Grand Theft Auto 5 wasn’t confirmed but I did get the distinct impression that it wasn’t happening this year

And it looks like I may have been distinctly wrong.

Now before I show you the proof that it may be released in October let’s take a look at the other facts.

Rockstar virtually never release two big games in one year, in fact I can’t remember when they ever have and with Max Payne 3 being released in May it seems a little presumptuous to think that they’d released GTA 5 in the same year.

And then we have Bioshock Infinite which isn’t a Rockstar game but is being released in October and is part of the bigger Take-Two.

So all in all it doesn’t look very credible when we say that GTA 5 may release in October. That is until Joystiq browsed Alex O’Dwyer’s CV over the weekend. Alex is a character animator for Rockstar North who are working on GTA 5 and his CV had this little titbit in it

GTA V - October 2012

His LinkedIn profile also listed this date and as soon as Joystiq posted it the CV and LinkedIn were edited to remove it…

So is GTA5 coming out this year or not?

I’m thinking that his work on GTA5 will be complete in October 2012, not the actual game.

Last Updated: April 10, 2012

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