Is LittleBigPlanet fun?

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LBP has been getting rave reviews ever since it was first shown publicly and anow that we are in the final run up to it’s release the hype is building even more.

However there has always been that undercurrent of whether or not the game is actually any good or just groundbreaking…

While the ability to create stages and share them is hugely groundbreaking (for consoles at least) there are people who keep mentioning that it is purely a side scrolling platformer and really isn’t a whole lot of fun.

Personally I think it is high time the platform scroller returned and I am really looking forward to it, I don’t think we need more than that to be honest and I expect months of fun from this game.

But could you imagine if the game actually sucks… then your stuck with a development tool that can only do one thing…

I can be as suspicious as I like about this game but as soon as I click play on a LBP video I smile. It just feels like a great game.

Last Updated: August 1, 2008

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