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Is PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility coming to the PlayStation 4?

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There’s an old rumour that’s circulating anew, thanks to what’s likely a faked image. The image suggests that the PlayStation 4 may soon, via the magic of emulation, receive the ability to play old PlayStation 1 and 2 games.

Originally hailing from Reddit, the now-removed image – whose original poster says it’s a forgery – shows somebody apparently streaming Siren, a PlayStation 2 game from within the PS4’s PlayStation Live.

“When I try to watch [the stream] it gives me ‘there are no content items,’ maybe because they are testing this feature,” the original poster said.

This brings up a year-old rumour, hailing from the chaps from Eurogamer, who said that Sony was testing the possibility of bringing old games to the PS4 via emulation.

Said Digital Foundry last year:

“Backwards compatibility is coming to PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Now is only part of the story. A well-placed source working with Sony’s streaming service reveals that only PlayStation 3 titles are currently scheduled to use the “gameplay over IP” cloud service. PS1 and PS2 titles are set to follow the more conventional route of running locally under emulation on Sony’s latest console – but with the possibility of HD visual enhancements.”

I’d have easily brushed this off as poppycock at another point in time, but seeing how Microsoft’s managed to very nearly perfectly emulate the Xbox 360 with the Xbox One, and the loud rallying cries behind that initiative, I can believe that Sony’s looking to instantly increase the PlayStation 4’s library through emulation.

Some even suggest that the reason that the image was removed was because it had broken NDA – but I’m not convinced. Still, I’d love to see the feature – especially if that means fewer bloody remasters and remakes.

What do you think? Is the PS4 getting backwards compatibility via emulation? Is this something you’d want? While I think many more would prefer PS3 backwards compatibility, I just don’t see that happening, given the complexities of the PlayStation 3’s cell-driven hardware. Still, never say never.

Last Updated: September 22, 2015

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