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Is Sony buying exclusive stores?

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So I reported a few days ago that Marks and Spencers where refusing to stock the Xbox 360 due to reliability issues.

So imagine my suprise when Marks and Spencers confirmed to me today that they have no intention of stocking the Wii either. I didn’t know the Wii had such reliability problems…

Not only that but the only gaming products they actually stock are Sony products.

Sony has gone on record stating that they don’t pay for gaming exclusivity but is it possible they actually do pay for retailer exclusivity?

Why else would M&S honestly avoid the best selling and totally reliable Nintendo Wii?

This puts a new light on the recent Blockbuster Blu-Ray deal that I was unsure of the time

If this is happening though you can bet the competition boards are going to go nuts… not to mention what Nintendo and Microsoft might do.

Last Updated: July 10, 2007

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