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Is The Forest Cross Platform? Is Crossplay on PlayStation & PC Possible?

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If you love your survival games and you consider yourself a bit of an enthusiast, you may be wondering if The Forest supports crossplay and whether The Forest is cross platform? A lot of people have asked us whether crossplay on Playstation and PC is possible. Worry not, we have all the details you need to know about cross-platform play.

is the forest cross platform
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The Forest offers a stern test, and it allows you to test your survival instincts, as you are quite literally dumped into the baron unknown with little to keep you alive, says Steam. Of course, the game would be more fun if you can team up with your pals to support you along the way.

From our review, the game really is an interesting mixture of sheer horror and fun. While The Forest doesn’t support crossplay in 2022, there are rumors it will in 2023 (source)…

Does The Forest Have Cross-Platform Play?

Although the game can be played on both PC and PS4, it does not support crossplay.

This unfortunately means that if you want to play with your pals during your journey through the game, you both need to have either a PC or PS4. Aswell as this, your playhing group will all need to purchase the game on the same platform too.

With a sequel coming in late 2022, cross-platform support could make an appearance in 2023 if the rumors are to be correct.

Will The Forest Have Crossplay in the Future?

We reached out to Endnight Games Ltd. about this addition in future releases for their survival title, but they remained tight lipped. Crossplay seems to be quite a difficult feature to implement in The Forest, so it may take a bit of work to get it online.

So, not the news we wanted to bring you. But, keep an eye on this article for the latest news on The Forest’s cross-platform support.

Last Updated: May 20, 2024

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