Is the PlayStation Move as accurate as a surgical simulator?

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The latest news out of the Sony R&D lab is from Richard Marks who claims he was recently speaking to some surgeons who stated that the PlayStation Move felt very simular to their $100 000 laparoscopic surgery simulators.

Now I’m no surgeon and I will happily be proven wrong but I struggle to believe that the PS Move is anywhere near as accurate as a $100 000 surgery simulator.

I have had a fair amount of hands on time with the Move and I am still to this day very impressed by it’s accuracy and tracking ability but it isn’t perfect. There is a noticeable, but not important in gaming, delay and the accuracy while exceptional I feel falls short of an exact 1-to-1 matching.

The Move is also a fair bit chunkier than your standard and not so standard surgical equipment and I just don’t see it ever replacing a surgical simulator.

So was Richard lying when he said what he did? I highly doubt it, I suspect he had a surgeon friend play with the device and the guy then said “Hey this is like those surgical simulators we use” referring to the virtual reality or augmented reality ability.

However if I am wrong then the guys who make the $100 000 surgical simulators are about to go out of business and Sony would have guaranteed themselves another 20 sales…

Source: Videogamer

Last Updated: July 28, 2010

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