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Is the PS3 getting the Chrome browser? Google responds

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You may have heard over the weekend from PS3 Life that there is a rumor floating around that the Playstation 3 is going to be getting the Google Chrome web browser.

Now I don’t know about you, but that makes me excited as all hell because I’ve had some great ideas on how to utilize the PS3 browser to do some cool ideas like stream live gaming tournaments that I frequently watch (and I’m sure Geoff could think of a few other live ‘activities’ to stream on his TV as well) but I’ve always been let down by notices that my browser is too old and crappy for most of the newer goods.

So what did Google have to say about all of this?

Google was contacted by PS3center for an official comment on the matter, and interestingly, instead of a “no that’s BS” or “we do not comment on rumor or speculation” or any of that jazz, they simply replied with:

“I’m afraid we have nothing to announce at this time.”

I like comments like that, they’re just so interesting aren’t they. Google hasn’t said that something is happening, not by a long shot, however they seem more than happy to leave the idea floating around that this doesn’t mean that they won’t be announcing something soon or even at a later stage.

If I could vote on this happening, I would draw actually scribble a giant “YES PLEASE” over the checkbox in thick black permanent marker. Sure, a console based browser on your TV can only go so far, but it’s about time that I get to sit on my couch and watch weekend tournaments without having to sit at my desk or hook a laptop up to my TV dammit.

Google, make it happen folks.

Sources: PS3 Life, PS3center

Last Updated: April 11, 2011

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