Is the PS3 going to delay Assassins Creed?

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After all the recent ongoing bad press about the PS3 I was starting to feel bad for it and was thinking about having a PS3 appreciation day… It seems like I may end up doing that after seeing yet another bad news story about the PS3.

A local gaming blog has written an article talking about the theoretical possibility of the PS3 delaying Assassins Creed. Seriously hit the link and read it before continuing….

Is AI the PS3’s Achilles heel? Is “Next Gen” for Sony just graphics and physics?

Granted it is self acknowledged flamebait that I generally would not post… nah that’s a lie it’s an original article posted by a local gaming blog of course I would post it 🙂

Anyway back to the point, this is not the first time that these rumours have been mentioned…

1UP headlines its story “Assassin’s Creed AI better on 360?” and even the PlayStation Universe said

The response of the A.I. crowd to your actions towards a person is far from amazing or believable

So is this Sony’s dirty little secret? Is the big bad PS3 just not very smart or are we going to keep blaming it on lazy developers and Microsoft paying off the media?

The Wii is for fun, the PS3 could be all brawn and the 360 is just your average Angelina Jolie…

Oh if you have any comments about Angelina please leave them here, all other flaming comments can be left through the link below 😉

Source: Gamer ZA: Is the PS3 going to delay Assassins Creed?

Last Updated: August 14, 2007

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