Is this cheating? – I think so

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I stumbled across this site today courtesy of and I have to say while there technical ability is pretty impressive I am not sure of the morality of what they are doing.

While the top of the controller looks identical it is far from a normal controller. They have moved all the required Halo (for this one) buttons around to ensure that you can now reload and pick up new weapons without having to take your finger of the analogue stick. Thus saving you precious seconds in the battle.

I have always enjoyed the fact that everyone playing against each other on console has the same hardware and it was just skill that separated us. Now however that is not always true.

In fact these same guys have made a controller for Gears of War that will get you an active reload every time. Now if that isn’t cheating I don’t know what is.

Head In the Game Controllers – Custom Xbox 360 Controllers » XBOX 360 Controller – Halo 3 Mod – NEW!!

Last Updated: February 11, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • hmmm… yeah that does kinda suck! but I know that I hold my skill true, and just shall be shown that those who appose me and my pose will be pwned! (without cheats… although it may look like it… cause we’re that good… at everything … except maybe soccer… actually at pretty much every sport title)

  • SlippyMadFrog

    The advantage you get from this is very minor. I don’t think this must be considered as cheating. But the Gears of War active reload controlers are def cheating.

  • Fox1

    I never had a problem with active reloads with the ordinary controller anyway. I unlocked that achievement for 30 (25+5) active reloads unintentionally (Zen and Art Part 2).

    It goes to show the mod capabilities for the Xbox. Not just cosmetically. However, a modded controller is cheating and I whip ass fair!

  • RivaZA

    Well that is one thing that has always annoyed with playing fps’ on a gamepad. Whilst different from game to game there are always some function or two that requires you to stop aiming to initiate. Some thing a PC gamer never has to deal with. I’m just saying! Personally I think this particular mod is not cheating. All it is doing is relocating some buttons to make use of the spare fingers around the controller. I think it’s smart. I hope the next gen of console include this.

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