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Is Wii or the PS3 more Web 2.0 friendly?

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Game-Digest.com has been testing the built in browsers with the more common Web 2.0 (I hate that saying) websites around to see which one is the ultimate gaming/browsing machine.

The final answer. Neither. Neither one of them can do what my plain old desktop can do on the internet. Not suprising really.

However they did declare a winner, the Wii received 26 points to the PS3’s 20. They then quickly stated that the PS3 might be better though because it can upload videos.

Talk about not making up your mind, anyway follow the link to see which sites the consoles struggled with.

I am still quite sure that I don’t want a browser on my TV though, then work can reach me…

Link to Games Digest: Is Wii or the PS3 more Web 2.0 friendly?

Last Updated: April 18, 2007

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