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It’s 100 super mutants vs 10 000 ghouls in the biggest Fallout 4 battle ever

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Just about everything in Fallout 4 is hostile to everything else, as that wasteland runs on the ideology of the survival of the fittest. Or he who has the most adhesive in their backpack. Anyway, sooner or later, you’re going to see a battle or two rage on in Fallout 4. Everybody wants something of value in that game, which is usually best obtained by introducing blunt force trauma to the skull of the person who has it.

So what happens when 100 super mutants tackle 10 000 legendary Ghouls? See for yourself below.

Pure lag, for starters, it seems. YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian has been pumping out Fallout 4 video battles since the game arrived, pitting the biggest ass-kickers in that game universe up against overwhelmingly absurd numbers. You might have seen some of his other stuff so far, such as:

If you can’t see the video above, because you’re at work and you’re fairly positive that Jenkins is going to go tattle on you to the boss, you’re probably wondering how the battle went. According to Cosmic Contrarian , only seven Super Mutants survived the brouhaha, with all the ghoulies completely eradicated.

“The average grenade they [the Super Mutants] throw kills between 20 to 50 ghouls,” Contrarian said to Polygon.

All each super mutant really has to do is throw 2-4 grenades before dying which most of them do and when that happens the ghouls bodies go flying all over the place and it looks really cool.

Damn, and I thought the Brotherhood of Steel was badass. The funny thing is, is that this battle would have been a lot shorter, as Contrarian originally planned to use regular Ghouls in the battle. Now let’s see what happens when 10 000 Dogmeats go up against a 100 Codsworth bots.

Last Updated: November 24, 2015

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