It’s all about being a massive jerk in Infamous: Second Son

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There are a ton of great games coming out this year. The first quarter is usually the slowest though, with those games only pumping out towards the end of that cycle. One game there though, is Infamous: Second Son, a super-powered sandbox that will once again allow players to play as either the messiah or a very naughty boy.

According to developer Sucker Punch, choices made in the game will have a more subtle set of consequences to set it apart from the blindingly obvious changes that were present in previous games, “because it really sucks when it’s nebulous.”

And like everything else in life, play-testing the game revealed that people really wanted to be decent human beings. But a rush of power would quickly kill those aspirations to be a new age Mandela.

“We do our damnedest to make it fun in both directions, but in my opinion you’ve got to play the game twice to really experience Infamous: Second Son,” game director Nate Fox said to VG24/7.

I know from watching people play the game, that most of them play first as a good guy because we’ve been conditioned by society not to speed and help old ladies cross the street.

But then they play through again, and they’re the most evil sons-of-guns you’ve ever met. They enjoy being evil, but they’ve got to get the good guy experience out of their systems before they allow themselves to be the jerks they are in their heart.

Technically, I always play as a massive jerk-ass in these games. If there’s an option for me to throw children into traffic or to use my powers to cause all kinds of massive destruction, you can bet your ass I’m going to take it.

Infamous: Second Son is out soon on PlayStation 4. March 21 to be exact. We had a blast at E3 with the game, to the point where Geoff still drools when you mention it in public.

Last Updated: January 7, 2014

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