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It’s going to be “hard to conceive” of what the next generation of consoles can do

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In case you haven’t heard, Nintendo is launching their next gen console next year, something that will ultimately lead to yet another video game arms race between the three industry giants.

But while there is still plenty of life left in the PS3 and Xbox 360, within the next year or two, fans are expecting to hear about their successors, and what exactly they’ll be capable of, something  which EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau is having a little difficulty with, trying to imagine what the next gen is capable of.

“It’s hard for me to conceive what you would do on a PlayStation 4. The displays are already 1080p, you’re already connected to the internet. You could make it faster, you could have more polys and you could up the graphics a little bit, but at what cost?”, Gibeau said in an interview with CVG.

“It’ll be interesting to see how (Sony and Microsoft) think about it in terms of the next generation but it seems to me that customers are happy, and we’re happy to build games right now”.

Gibeau also went on to explain how the regular console cycle of creating a new gaming platform every four to five years was also finished, using online capabilities as an example. “One of the things that we like is that the technology is consistent, and we believe that there are still things that you can do on these systems”.

“We haven’t quite squeezed the last ounce of hardware horsepower out of these things, as you can see with Battlefield 3. Frostbite 2 technology coming in can do some really interesting things that nobody is able to do, and you see some great stuff coming from our competitors too”.

“I’d like to see the cycle last a little longer. I don’t see consumers right now banging on the walls for a new platform. They seem to be very happy with their PS3s and 360s. They love the online connectivity, they have great communities and great libraries”.

Gibeau is however, excited by the prospects of the new Nintendo console, the Wii U, that is arriving next year. “I like the fact that Nintendo’s coming in with new hardware. That’ll help really rev up their business for the HD side, which is where we’re in a really good position”.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: August 31, 2011

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