It’s time to make fun of Home again

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We haven’t insulted Home for quite some time and have recently saved all our bad puns and unwitty insults for the Avatar accessories or pets.

However it seems that Microsoft and Sony are now in a ludicrous race to ultimate idiocy in the online avatar world and Sony has just pulled out in front.

Not only has the above flashing green hat honestly been released as a possible option but it is joined by the rest of the moron family in Red, Blue and Yellow.

For those more sensible people who don’t want to walk around looking like a traffic light Sony has also released some new masks. To hide your virtual made up identity…

They have also added in some new areas and a Happy Santa area to take the kids to, though if you want to impress your kids with a virtual Santa Claus then I would highly recommend avoiding Home and heading on over to the Portal North Pole where you can get a custom made Santa video for the little ones… it really is pretty cool.

If you insist on living in Home however this is what you get, it’s nice but utterly pointless in the end.


You can find a whole pile more Home information through the link below.

Source: Official EU Blog

Last Updated: December 10, 2009

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