James Bond Blood Stone – Behind the scenes video and 3D screenshots

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I received an email from Activision this morning stating that it had 3 3D screenshots inside… now I don’t have some fancy monitor on my laptop that shows 3D and while I do have some awesome 3D glasses that can make even Isaiah Mustafa look like a geek I didn’t think they would work on my little Toshiba.

But I was intrigued to see how we are going to be showing off 3D screenshots in this horrible 2D virtual world.

The answer unfortunately is far less exciting that I hoped, it’s merely a bunch of mini video’s that show us the 3D world that James Bond will be inhabiting.

But the other video that was included was a behind the scenes developer diary for the upcoming James Bond Blood Stone which is interesting enough to post.

And since I had to convert the stupid .mov files to see them I have embedded them as well.. enjoy

Behind the Scenes

Athens Boat Level with exploding Lighthouse

Istanbul Driving Level

Athens Boat Level

Last Updated: November 1, 2010

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