Japanese Hardware Sales: Apr. 9 – 15

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Following on from yesterdays US sales data today we have the latest sales from Japan for the week of 9th to the 15 of April.

Once again Nintendo are cleaning up and the Xbox is struggling but what is strange is that all of Sony’s products dipped this week…

So without further ado here are the numbers….. Man the Japanese don’t like the Xbox at all do they…

  • DS Lite: 133,325
  • Wii: 75,759
  • PSP: 24,850
  • PS2: 12,872
  • PS3: 11,948
  • Xbox 360: 2,900
  • GBA SP: 654
  • Game Boy Micro: 617
  • Gamecube: 167
  • DS Phat: 146
  • GBA: 26

Link to Japanese Hardware Sales: Apr. 9 – 15 – PS3 Fanboy

Last Updated: April 24, 2007

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