Japanese hardware sales for the 23 -29 April

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So following in our never ending quest for sales regarding the next gen consoles here are the latest Japanese hardware sales…

Wii      102,522
PS3       12,791
Xbox360 3,162

So the Xbox is dragging far behind everyone else which is no suprise the PS3 is in 2nd and also not suprising is the Wii is still winning.

By 90 000 units a week though…. that is not winning that is wiping the floor with the competition and then spitting on them… It’s embarassing for both the other consoles… Worse though for the PlayStation as it’s their home town.

One thing though, the PS3 sold more units than the PS2 for the first time I think, only by +-200 units but at least it’s more…

Link to Japanese Hardware Sales

Last Updated: May 10, 2007

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