Japan's top 50 software sales – I think

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Well according to the link I followed from www.n4g.com the site linked to below is showing the top 50 software sales for last week in Japan.

It could be a shopping list for all I know though :), However if it is the top 50 software sales then Sony has something to worry about. Not only do they not feature in the chart until number 13 the first console title is at number 18 (PS2 Fate?) and the first PS3 title is not even in the chart…

That’s right not a single PS3 title made it into the top 50 in Sony’s homeland. That is not good news for Sony.

Once again Microsoft are being ignored in Japan but at least they got a title or 2 into the top 50. Something at 26 and Test Drive at 37….

Nintendo dominate completely though.

Link to 電撃オンライン:週間ソフト売り上げランキング

Last Updated: May 4, 2007

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