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Jesuits urged to take God's word to 'Second Life'

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I read quite a disturbing article this morning about an academic names Antonio Spadaro who is urging his fellow Catholics to join the MMORPG Second Life and look for converts.

Deep down, the digital world can be considered, in its way, mission territory

Now I am not okay with this personally. Every single person in Second Life has a computer and access to the internet. Which means they have access to all the literature of all the religions in the world. I am not sure how many people who are escaping into Second Life want someone ringing their doorbell and trying to convert them. What happens when they start complaining about the non-Catholic way of life in Second Life and start taking their complaints to court? We could end up with another society being ruled by a religious dogma.

I am not saying religious people mustn’t be allowed in the game, they can build all the churches they want and have services and everything. That is fine.

I have no problem with any religion at all but I do have a problem with a religion purposefully targeting a section of society that is just trying to relax and play a game.

With the similarities being drawn between PS3 Home and Second Life it won’t take these guys long to get into that either.

Link to Jesuits urged to take God’s word to ‘Second Life’ | CNET News.com

Last Updated: July 30, 2007

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