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John Boyega breaks down just how much bigger Battlefront II really is

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Star Wars Battlefront II, broken down by John Boyega 1

John Boyega, who you might recognize as Finn from the new Star Wars film trilogy, has been connected to the other medium in which the universe exists almost by accident. The actor tweeted EA back when the first Battlefield launched, pleading for a single-player campaign to compliment the fun he was having with the multiplayer. Two years later and not only has that become a reality, but Boyega himself is getting the chance to break down just how much bigger DICE’s sequel really is. And it makes the first attempt feel lame in comparison.

Whether it’s the number of planets, game modes, heroes or just sheer content, Star Wars Battlefront II seems to trump the first DICE outing in every regard. The new five-minute trailer features a host of new gameplay from across the board, so whether you’re just looking for new space battles, massive set-pieces in large-scale multiplayer fights or some more single-player footage, you’re catered for. There’s no question that EA and DICE have poured a lot more into this sequel than you might have originally expected, although some changes might not sit too well with you.

Loot boxes, for example, are rearing their head this time, tying into the new Star Card system that has been built from the ground up. While you’ll be able to burn points to activate upgrades during matches (much like older Battlefield games), Star Cards seem to determine what options you have to pick from. And those cards, which range in four different rarities, come in loots boxes, which will presumably be sold for additional money. Considering their direct effect on the gameplay, it seems evident that some might be able to play their way to better advantages, which is just…well….ew.

Perhaps that’s why all of Battlefront II’s additional, post-launch content will be free, as EA explores alternative avenues to further charge consumers after the fact without leaning on a season pass. It’s all very much up there with the contentious business decisions of games today, which you can choose to either partake in or not when the game launches this November.

Star Wars Battlefront II, broken down by John Boyega

Last Updated: September 27, 2017

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