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John Carmack doesn’t agree with your criticism of Modern Warfare

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Modern Warfare 3 is shaping up to be another game for the fans, containing all the series trademarks such as smooth visuals, massive explosions and multiplayer sessions populated with global players who can’t wait to teabag your digital corpse. On the other side of the scale however, are the detractors of the franchise, who claim that the latest game is merely recycling previous content in order to push a game out, unlike their favourite upcoming game that also features soldiers fighting a contemporary battle. John Carmack doesn’t think that such a snooty attitude is fair however.

In an interview with Industry Gamers,Id Software’s John Carmack explained how he thought that it was unfair for the Call of Duty franchise to be attacked for not revolutionising the genre with each iteration.

That’s still a proven formula that people like, and it’s a mistake to (discount that). As long as people are buying it, it means they’re enjoying it. If they buy the next Call of Duty, it’s because they loved the last one and they want more of it. So I am pretty down on people who take the sort of creative auteurs’ perspective.

It’s like, Oh we’re not being creative. But we’re creating value for people, that’s our job! It’s not to do something that nobody’s ever seen before. It’s to do something that people love so much they’re willing to give us money for. So I do get pretty down on people that, you see some of the indie developers that really take a snooty attitude about this. It’s almost as if it’s popular, it’s not good. And that’s just not true.

Carmack then went on to explain how the popularity and sales numbers of Call of Duty has validated what he and his development company, id, set out to achieve.

It’s interesting that over the course of it, once FPS kind of got out of being the sole property of id, it seemed clear to me that when we reached a certain level of visual fidelity, that third person was going to have certain significant advantages because you can use the tools of the director,these established, finely honed cinematography skills to do things in games that we never did before.

I was more or less expecting third person to be the more popular set of genres and indeed it was looking like, with Gears’ success, that even in the serious action (genre), that it might end up trending more that way.

And I’ve actually been really happy seeing the success of Call of Duty, which is also a 60 fps game, which would validate some of my (thinking). That was one of our big arguments internally as we were stressing over that, like, ‘Y’know, I think some of the success of Call of Duty is because of how good it feels.

If there is anyone in the industry who can talk about the FPS genre without being heckled, its definitely Carmack, and its great to hear a developer emphasise fun over big ideas for once.

Source: Industrygamers.com via Computerandvideogames.com

Last Updated: July 20, 2011

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