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John Carmack thinks the PS3 is the “second best console ever made”

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id’s RAGE is coming soon, and I can personally attest that it’s not only beautiful (in a dreary, post apocalyptic sort of way) but that it runs at a buttery-smooth 60 fps (most of the time), no matter what console you play it on. The man behind much of id Tech 5, the engine that powers the game has called Sony’s PlayStation 3 the “second best console ever made.”

Can you guess what comes first?

No silly, not the Dreamcast (RIP SEGA). John Carmack believes the Xbox 360, with its out-dated storage system and red-ring of death comes up trumps. Speaking to Ripten, the game developer and rocket scientist said it’s not down to raw power, but rather the dev tools with which they’re able to develop. In a previous interview , Carmack said "They are both powerful systems that are going to make excellent game platforms, but I have a bit of a preference for the 360’s symmetric CPU architecture and excellent development tools." "The PS3 will have a bit more peak power, but it will be easier to exploit the available power on the 360.”

5 years and a lot of experience later and those comments seem to still ring true. Don’t worry though, PS3 fans. PS3 players wont be getting a second-rate RAGE experience. The game is running at near parity on both platforms, it’s just that, according to Carmack, “More sweat equity had to be put into the PS3."

Source : Ripten

Last Updated: August 15, 2011

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