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Joseph Saulter: "Why should I have to be a white man?" – Joystiq

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 Joseph Saulter is the Chairman of Game Design and Development at The American Intercontinental University and he is upset. He feels that the gaming industry does not allow the same opportunities to black people as it does to white….

Who has heard this before? Replace “gaming industry” with anything you like and someone somewhere has said that before. I have always felt that computer games have been one of the best racial levellers ever. I have no idea what colour/religion/culture the majority of the people are who I play against and I have never cared.

I really wish that one day people will stop using race as an excuse or reason for hiring or not hiring people.

Does he have a point? I would say he does, but I hear so much about racism in everything I do at the moment that I am becoming sick of it…

The colour of a persons skin does not define a person.

Speaking about Microsoft’s Blacks in Gaming gathering last night he says, “It’s great to see that things are happening and we are getting toward the vision, but it’s still not the reality.” He says the potential influence that diversity would bring to the industry isn’t being recognized. Explaining he’s spent his life as a black man, he half-jokingly says when he looks around the game industry he feels himself asking the question, “Why should I have to be a white man?

Source: Joseph Saulter: “Why should I have to be a white man?” – Joystiq

Last Updated: March 9, 2007

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